Day Spa Strategic business plan Sample - Business model Needs


Investing in a sample or template for your spa business strategy plan can be hugely valuable, but only if there is a well-done and customizable business structure spreadsheet that comes with it. To understand when the business structure you're working together with helps to make the cut, look for these elements. - Exam Of SPA Malaysia

Multiple Revenue Streams

As the years pass by, you could expect to move customer from one service to another (for example, increasingly sell massages, while in the beginning customers only purchased facial treatments). To get this done, the business structure must let you have fun with multiple revenue streams allowing you choose as many as possible and alter the sales mix together as time passes.

Automated Fiscal reports

The financial statements themselves require some accounting knowledge to put together, as well as the model should not ask you to create them on your own or even have to adjust them much in any way. A well-made business model allow you to make adjustments on worksheets regarding your assumptions of costs, revenues, and debt and equity you will raise, and then populate the income statement, balance sheet, and money flow statement automatically. For any model being robust it must permit a change manufactured in one destination to automatically effect all the other sheets and statements.

Startup Costs

The model should give you the opportunity to construct the startup costs you've identified, such as for your furniture, booths, sinks, supplies, inventory, and enhancements to the location itself (leasehold improvements). The model should know which costs are depreciated as time passes and which should be expensed at the time they're incurred, so you don't need to learn this all on your own or create your own depreciation schedule.

Debt or Equity

Finally, the model should allow you to choose regardless of whether you will fund your entire day spa through debt (loans) or equity (stockholder investment). It should allow you to choose interest rates, a repayment schedule, and employ a mix of both debt and equity if you choose. This should serve the purposes on most health club entrepreneurs without complicated customization. - Exam Of SPA Malaysia